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Wednesday, 23 September 2015
When Jack was born, we had a little memory book in which we intended to write down all of the milestones in which Jack achieved. His first smiles, first words, first steps etc. Whilst its a good idea, I kept forgetting - baby brain. Thats when I decided to begin my blog at the grand old age of 6 months. Jack had already achieved a lot and I was already forgetting some so I decided a personal online space where I could record and look back over time. 
Now I have Isla, she doesn't even have a baby book, I hope to use the blog to help remember her milestones too. 

The writing of achievements is now non-existent, and even on the blog I've not wrote as much about Jack as I once did. So over the summer holidays I kept having an idea of documenting and sharing the milestones in which both the children and myself achieve on a Monday, well milestone does begin with m. But as I know so many others also use their blog to record memories I thought I would open it to everyone and get some sharing going on. 

Any type of milestones can be linked up, not just big achievements such as first steps, but anything in which you find an achievement. MilestoneMondays is not just for the achievements of your children though, its for anyone adults included. Any milestones which are important to you and you want to remember. 

The linky will run on the first Monday of the month and will be open for a 48 hours.

* You can link up to 2 posts a month. Be sure to paste in the #MilestoneMondays badge to the post you would like to link up 
*Comment on the host's post
*Comment on at least 3 other links - linkies are all about sharing the love

You can also share your post with #MilestoneMondays on your social media, it will help to grow. Also if you mention me (@mymummysworld) in your tweet I'll be sure to retweet.

I hope to see you all on Monday 5th October 2015 for the first in the monthly MilestoneMondays. 

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