Ella's Kitchen New Bigger Kids Snack Range

Thursday, 8 October 2015
Ellas Kitchen Kids Snack Range

Jack has had a range of Ella's Kitchen products over the time he's been eating 'real foods' and they've been one of the brands I've really loved. We did lots of Baby Led Weaning with Jack but also loved the convenience of some ready made foods when out and about, especially Ella's Kitchen. Their 'my little big meals' were fantastic for this.

Obviously now, Jack is eating everything we do, if not more but we do still enjoy some snacks from their range. When I was recently contacted about the new range of 'Bigger Kid Snacks' I was keen to see if they lived up to the expectations of the brand we loved when weaning.

I love the look of the new kids range which are aimed at children between three and five. They include fruit and vegetable smooshy pouches and fruity snack bars which are made from 100% organic products like all Ella's Kitchen goodies. Between the snacks their are seven different taste combinations for the little ones to try.
The smooshy pouches represent one of your little superheroes five a day with four tasty combinations including one fruit and one vegetable. These include orange + carrot, apple 9 cucumber, mango + pumpkin and strawberry + beetroot. Then there was the fruity snack bars, these have three different taste combinations which include small additions such as flaxseeds, oats, crisped rice and coconut. The look of the actual bars can be deceiving but Jack happily ate them with no problems what so ever. These come in banana + raisin, raspberry + mango and pineapple + coconut.

The bars are small enough that I've just kept one in my bag as an emergency snack when out and about. Toddlers often get hungry, or at least mine does and its been fab to have a healthy snack on hand.

However, the fun doesn't stop each pack features a comic strip, and on all the products you can meet the entire cast of superhero characters. To fit in with the superhero theme, Jack was sent a kit to make his own cape and join in the fun. Amazingly he created the cape all on his own, although very minimalistic.
Jack's superpower was super strength as he wanted to be like Hulk, lifting heavy cars and bashing around.
To me its important to ensure Jack has as many healthy food options as possible whilst still getting to enjoy treats and snacks for convenience; Ella's Kitchen helps us achieve this.

Ella's Kitchen Kid's Snack range is available within Sainsbury's with an RRP of £3.49 for Smooshy Snacks (4x100g) and £2.50 for Fruity Bars (5x20g).

Please Note: I received a range of products and a kit to make a cape free in exchange for our review. All views and opinions are our own.

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