Halloween at National Forest Adventure Farm

Wednesday, 28 October 2015
This weekend we have been super busy, visiting Disney on Ice Saturday then spending the day at National Forest Adventure Farm on Sunday.
Despite driving past on many occasions, especially my hospital appointments during pregnancies, we have never visited National Forest Adventure Farm before. However, I honestly wish we had of as it was a fantastic day out and I'm sure it's rather enjoyable during the warmer summer months too. 
Finding the adventure farm itself was easy as it's clearly signposted and there is a large car park which is close to walk too. 
National Forest Adventure Farm

When we arrived we were kindly greeted within the reception area and given a short guide to the days activities with timings and where they will be taking place. There are attractions for children and adults such as 'Broom Stick School' and 'Scare School'. Jack didn't participate in either of these but we did watch other children have lots and lots of fun. These run every half an hour and half limited spaces which really grab a crowd so it's worth booking upon entry. 

We took a quick peek at this when we arrived and then headed towards the JCB area, where there are lots of digger themed toys, including ride-on JCB's, a sandpit area with a climbing frame and a climbing wall which were all enjoyed by Jack. They also have some 'pay to play' JCB's which we treated Jack to at the end of our day which was fun. 
After looking at the JCB area we headed into the animal barn where you can look at various farm animals and pet them, you can also feed some with animal feed you can purchase. Within the barn were some pigs, among other animals but there were some piglets which were so cute. As the bars to the pigsty are higher up there are small viewing platforms in which children can stand on to see in which I thought was a brilliant idea, allowing the children to freely see. 
National Forest Adventure Farm
As well as the indoor barn area there are also some large pasture fields where you can see many other of the farmyard animals, this was really enjoyed by Jack. He enjoyed getting close to the animals and trying to talk to them, only being dissapointed when they didn't talk back. There are plenty of animals to see and many of these you can feed. 
National Forest Adventure Farm

Next to the animal fields, there are some large mazes, one of which is a 'mummy maze' for the Halloween event so we decided to do this activity next. Within the maze, there are 16 board dotted around with mummies on and their names, in which you complete. At the end of the maze if you find them all you are rewarded with some sweets. This was really enjoyable and we enjoyed seeking out the different routes and different mummies. 
National Forest Adventure Farm

After this we went a walk over to the other side of the farm where there are many other activities including giant bouncing pillows, a giant bouncing JCB as well as a park, crazy golf and Frisbee golf which is good fun. There was also the barrel rides, Jack had a go within the barrel ride, which basically consisted of him sitting within a cow print barrel at the back of a tractor being pulled along a track but it was so much fun! There are also tractor rides provided although we didn't have a go on these. We followed this by going to pick a pumpkin, there were many to choose from although some had already been eaten by the wildlife surrounding. 
National Forest Adventure Farm

We didn't know but dotted around the park are plenty of picnic benches so you can happily take your own picnic and have a space to sit down and eat it. There is also food provided with a BBQ and also the restaurant. It's easy enough to enjoy a full day here and with almost everything included within the ticket price, including the PYO Pumpkin, it's a fun and enjoyable day out for the family. 

National Forest Adventure Farm

Please Note: We were provided with three tickets to attend for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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