Importance of Car Safety

Friday, 9 October 2015
I’ve never been an erratic driver as I’ve seen one-to-many car crashes in my short time, but since having children I’ve been extra careful. Not only in the way I drive but in the safety of the car too. 

You may know that recently we moved house, and in fact town and are now living on the outskirts of a city. In my short time driving I’ve found that the closer your drive to cities, the more vigilant you have to be with your driving. There are a lot more cars on the road and a lot more people willing to take risks to get somewhere quicker.
In all honesty though, since moving house I’ve not seen as many car accidents, I previously lived within an area where there was lots of ‘car cruising’ and lots of lovely roads attracting bad driving. However, I do still see lots of illegal cars.

Sometimes things that happen to your car, such as accidents are not always down to the driving but to your cars safety and the tyres being the most common. In fact, the lack of tyre safety contributes to more than 1200 road accidents, scary huh?  Not only that, driving with defective tyres can result in penalties such as a £2500 fine along with three points on your license, a lot for something you could replace cheaper. Many garages offer tyres at competitive prices these days and install them for you too such as Point-S car tyre dealers. They have various locations throughout the UK and offer a wide variety of brands and sizes along with the best prices. You can also book them online along with an appointment to suit you at your nearest branch.  

I was never really up on the importance of tyres, only the fact that you require a minimum of 3mm tread depth. However, since I’ve had a lot of problems with my car I’ve began to pick up more information such as the best rated tyres for my car, and how it’s good to have the same brand all round to help your MPG. I’ve also learnt there are many checks you can do yourself at home ensuring your tyres are safe.
-       Keep the tyres inflated at the correct pressure – Not only does having incorrect inflation make you use more fuel but it helps your tyres to last longer.
-       Make sure the tyre tread is legal – You can buy many a tool to help you with this, but you can also use a twenty pence piece. Simply insert the twenty pence into the lowest tread depth of your tyres and you shouldn’t be able to see the outer rim. If you can your tyre is illegal as it has less than 3mm depth.
-      A visual inspection – This is incredibly simple and required next to no time. Simply check over your tyres at regular intervals removing any stones, or small items you pick up along the roads that have become wedged within the tyres.

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