Isla | Four Months Old

Thursday, 29 October 2015
This past month Isla seems to have grown up and suddenly become a little person. Each day she looks different and looks a little older with it - so scary how quickly they grow. 

She's definitely grown within the last month, she's now wearing 3-6months after I couldn't fit her into 0-3months anymore. They still don't seem long enough within the length so I'm not sure how long they will last. I've finally had her weighed though, at the beginning of this month she weighed in at . We've completed all of our immunisations now until she's one, which will soon come round. 

This month, Isla began giggling which is just the best sound ever, along with her cooing. She's very vocal and loves making lots of noises. She still shares lots of smiles with her brother but is also sharing a lot more with others now too. She's trying hard to roll but hasn't yet mastered it, but I don't think it will be too much longer. We have changed the highchair over from including the baby unit as she really disliked it and prefers to sit up and be nosey. As well as sitting in the high chair she enjoys being propped up a cushion, I'm using our L-shaped pillow, and sitting. 

When laying on the floor, she likes to pull herself up with your help and then likes to be up on her feet. She enjoys putting your hands within your mouth and having a chomp on them. She's still very dribbly and has had some bright red cheeks lately, so I'm guessing teeth are soon coming, only time will tell but it seems early. 

Isla enjoys sleepy cuddles with mummy for her naps and will rarely just nap, I have found whenever I put her down she wakes back up. The only other place we can get her to nap is on car journeys but she soon wakes back up. But for now I'll enjoy these cuddles as I've learnt from Jack they don't last forever. 

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