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Tuesday, 6 October 2015
There is nothing I love more than a quick and easy evening meal, especially when I was working full time. I always find that fajitas are a good way to achieve this, especially with one of those Old El Paso kits. However recently we were told about the new Old El Paso Restaurante Taco Kits.

The kits are available in four mouth-watering flavours including Steak Carne Asada, Pork El Pastor, Chicken Tinga and Baja Fish. The range encourages you to #CookLikeTheLocals using good quality ingredients and creating tasty Mexican dishes with ease.

Steak Carne Asada takes inspiration from the northern states of Mexico. It is traditionally prepared by marinating the beef in citrus juice and spices, with a pinch of salt. The Restaurante meal kit provides you with everything you need to create a Mexican inspired feast at home, including a delicious Carne Asada Steak seasoning, guacamole seasoning and ten soft shell tacos.
Pork El Pastor combines quality ingredients, often found in central Mexico and is perfect for those that love a spicy but sweet dish. Serving up a flavour sensation with a crunchy, tangy-sweet salsa of pineapple, onion and coriander - its fruity tang makes all the difference!
Chicken Tinga is a locally-inspired recipe from the Northern Puebla and is a popular street food. This kit comes with the mouth-watering Tinga flavour seasoning and smokey chipotle sauce, which packs a hit of flavour into plenty of soft tacos to satisfy your taste buds.  
Baja Fish is inspired by the coastal Baja California region and is a popular dish amongst the locals. The west coast of Mexico is famed for its isolated surroundings and has developed a unique cuisine based on the fresh and abundant seafood that surrounds it. The Baja flavouring provided for both the crusting of the fish, and the seasoning of the sour cream gives you a double hit of regional flavouring.
We were sent the Chicken Tinga and Baja Fish to try out, so far we have only tried the chicken which was a big hit and we are looking forward to trying the fish. The meal was very quick to prepare and even Jack enjoyed them. You need to add 500g of chicken and 1 onion to create the dish and you can also add avocado, lettuce and chopped coriander as suggested toppings although we only added lettuce.
To prepare the meal you simply cook the chickens whole within the sauce along with he chopped onions. Once cooked, you then shred the chicken with forks and add back into the sauce allowing the sauce to cover the chicken. Its so quick and easy. You then warm the wraps within a frying pan, and attempt to curl them, I couldn't achieve this, then serve.
The Tinga flavour is smokey and the sauce adds a slight spicy kick however not too overpowering. Everyone here enjoyed the flavours, and we will definitely be buying them again.
All four flavours are available at all major supermarkets (Asda, Sainsburys, Waitrose,Tesco and Morrisons) with an RRP of £3.79, with Pork Al Pastor being exclusively available within Asda for the first 6 months.
Please Note: We received two boxes of kits for review, however all views and opinions are my own.

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