5 ways to save money on gifts this Christmas

Thursday, 12 November 2015
5 ways to save money this christmas

Christmas with children can be expensive if you allow it to be. I know I as a parent go completely overboard and Jack is spoilt rotten at Christmas and this year I have two!
Last year I tried to convince myself it would be the last year I could spoil Jack as I was pregnant and knew I would need to purchase for two this year. However, it doesn't seem to have made too much difference although he still has lots less than previous years. 

However, you can still purchase lots of gifts, but for a cheaper price if you look around. If your willing to not just shop in one place there are plenty of opportunities to makes Christmas cheaper. So I'm sharing some tips with you on how I've still managed to buy for everyone and spoil the children but on a lower budget, a maternity pay one.

Set a budget for each person, and stick to it. Easier said then done if you are anything like me. But for the older ones, parents etc. I tend to make a budget and stick to it as much as possible. You could make a printable list or spreadsheet to keep track of everyone, what you have got and the amount spent. I've used a spreadsheet this year to help me along and keep on top.

With extended family, only purchase gifts for children. This is something new we are trying this year with my mums family. For my nan there are three grandchildren and two of us have children of our own so it makes for expensive purchasing. This year we are just purchasing for what would be my Nan's great-grandchildren therefore my children and my cousins little boy. Yes those who have children may feel they are being left out but personally I would rather the younger ones have a better gift than myself. Theres only so many pairs of socks you can have. If you wish to still purchase gifts for other family you could always take part in a secret santa, with a small budget for the recipient and everyone gets the same amount of gifts then. 

Talking of children, many of us find it easier to purchase toys or books for children. But some of the top toys can simply rise in prices the nearer we get to Christmas.You could use a price finder such as the one below which shows you the best prices of the day for many toys and at which retailers. Perfect for getting the toys your children like at the best prices. This of course is THE BEST way to save money. Getting your kids favourtie toys at a discount price.

If you purchasing online you can use online cashback sites such as Quidco. Since using these cashback sites I've enabled myself to earn a little extra, I've been purchasing what I normally would and still paying the same price, but from going through the site I've enabled a little extra money back for a treat in the future. Ok yes you don't get to save the money straight away but I look at it as it's money I wouldn't have any other way and enables me to get things for free in the future. 

This is my first year trying to be a bit more frugal and I'm continually looking for new ideas.
What ways do you use to keep your costs down? I'd love to hear your tips. 

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