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Monday, 2 November 2015
Recently I received an email from the team at Cardooo, showcasing their amazing greetings cards. Cardooo cards are a unique type of card going a little extra way then your standard gift card. Each Cardooo gift card contains a range of activities for the recipient to enjoy. Recently launching the range into ASDA stores across the UK and Ireland.

Cardoo Greeting Cards full of fun

Firstly upon receiving these cards you see a colourful, bold and eye-catching design and they are definitely appealing to children. When you then go on to open the card, it's filled with lots of fun activities, stickers and games or stories. They will provide hours of entertainment. 
Cardoo Greeting Cards full of fun

I showed these cards to Jack when I received them and he was keen to open them and use them all so I'm sure the child you send them too would love too. Cardooo do age ranges from 3-7 and do plain Happy Birthday ones too - with the range to be extended soon. 

Cardoo Greeting Cards full of fun

Each card is priced at £3 each which is around standard price for a gift card these days - well a decent one anyway. But if you need to post a card, it's a standard letter size and can be posted with a standard stamp, no extra postage charges. They are also cards which are going to get used so making the most of the money you spend. Often cards just end up sat on a shelf and then placed into the recycling at least these will have some interaction for a while following. 

Cardoo Greeting Cards full of fun

Please Note: I received a range of Cardooo Cards in exchange for an open, honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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