Ensuring we have good quality shoes.

Saturday, 7 November 2015
Shoes - I hate them. 
Ok well actually I love them - for me, but for Jack the love is just not there. When we got his first pair of shoes I was so excited, this followed by me getting a fair few pairs. However this year something has happened to him, he doesn't seem to have as much care anymore. I'm hoping it's just a stage but who knows. When Jack started school, I brought him a new pair of shoes, a decent leather pair which I thought would last the school year well. How wrong was I? During the first day he fell over coming out of school and scuffed them.

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However, when I do add to our collection of shoes, I always make sure we get them from a reputable shoe shop such as Brantano Shoes, Especially ones which will be worn for a long period such as Jack's school shoes and my work shoes. It's important to me to have good quality and comfort for long periods of wear. 

What do you look for in a pair of shoes?

In collaboration with Brantano Shoes. 

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