Final Review - Joanne Helcke Online Pregnancy and Post Natal Pilates

Tuesday, 3 November 2015
I am now 18 weeks post partum, I still find it hard to believe it's been that long ago but it really has. I've been following the Dr Joanna Helcke online post-natal pilates for 3 months now.
If you missed my first review of the programme, you can go back and read that. I wrote about my initial thoughts on the programme, and introducing what to expect.
Joanna Helcke Pilates Review

I have really enjoyed following this, and have enjoyed the little time out to do so.
Dr Joanna Helcke has won multiple awards and recently added a Mums Love Award to her collection for her online fitness programme.

Firstly I will start with I haven't done these religiously every single day, but I've tried to manage three times a week, with at least once a week minimum. Lets face it being a mum with a newborn and toddler is hard. However, the videos are around 30 minutes long, making it really easy to fit into your day. When you think if you were to sign up to an exercise class you would need a lot more time. I also think the short time of videos is to take into consideration you have a small baby with you, so may not always have the nap times to complete within. 

Each week the videos have got progressively harder, which I have found useful as it's only gently working you harder. As with each video there are different levels in which you can choose which to do. Dr Joanna Helcke even explains the correct and incorrect ways to do some of the moves and shows you how doing them incorrectly can cause problems. 

I previously mentioned within my first review there is a forum online which you also have access too and I feel this is great to be able to have someone within a similar situation who you can talk to. But, there is also some expert's who join the forum for a week and answer any questions in which you may have on the subject, I enjoyed the breastfeeding one. I joined an online forum when pregnant with Jack and it's nice to be able to talk to others in a similar situation to you.  

At £12 per month I think it's a fantastic price, with so much available to you and access as much as you wish with an fitness expert on hand for any questions. You would not get this anywhere else for this price. You get the weekly personalised pilates videos, access to the online community, Jo on hand for any questions you may have as well as the bonus features of mini workouts, and meal tips. 

I will definitely  be continuing on with this programme as I've found it incredibly useful and encourages me to do some gentle exercises. 

Please Note: I have been given a three month subscription to Dr Joanna Helcke's online fitness programme in return for this review. All opinions are my own. 

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