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Wednesday, 18 November 2015
Food and Drink plays a huge part in Christmas both as gifts and for your Christmas parties. So I thought I'd share with you some of the good things which are around this Christmas to enjoy as part of your celebrations.

Godiva Chocolates

Almost everyone loves a little bit of chocolate at Christmas, and Godiva provide that with a little bit of luxury. When giving Chocolate as a gift, its nice to be able to give a good quality chocolate which has a good quality taste too. Godiva has been around since 1926 and is a truly beautiful brand. With a wide range of product choices available you are sure to be able to find something from Godiva range to gift to someone. Godiva do a range of truffles, which always remind me of Christmas which come packaged within a beautiful red box. You can smell the beautiful chocolate scents as you lift the lid and are greeted with 12 soft truffles. The Christmas gifts start at £11.50 upwards, and the Truffles in which I've featured are priced at £23.00
Godiva Truffles

Custom Cookie Co

So not everyone may be a fan of chocolate and for those or even the chocolate lovers of course you could always get biscuits or more so cookies. Why not treat someone to a selection of beautifully hand decorated cookies which can be personalised with a hand-piped message from Custom Cookie Co. The cookies are freshly baked and iced each day and if ordered before 12pm can even be baked the same day for dispatch the following day. Prices begin at just £8.50 which is perfect for such beautifully crafted cookies, you can see that they are all individually crafted.
Custom Cookie Co

Holland and Barrett Free-From

It can be stressful enough at christmas without having to worry about finding gifts which cater for those with allergies and intolerance's. Luckily, the little elves at Holland & Barrett have created a wonderful range of free-from gifts. These include advent calenders, mince pies, christmas puddings, truffles and selection boxes . These gifts start from 99p and shall be stocked online & in stores nationwide. 
Holland and Barrett Free-From

Echo Falls Tisane

I am not particularly a drinker, but at Christmas I do enjoy a glass of wine with my lunch. However, there of course are those who cannot have an alcoholic drink, the pregnant ones, designated drivers, or those who simply cannot. Echo Falls have added to their collection with Tisane. This is a healthy non-alcoholic alternative to Champagne or Prosecco. It is a sparkling infusion made from a combination of premium green tea and fermented grape juice containing zero alcohol. It's also a healthier alternative being a mere 26 calories in each 100ml glass. Priced with an RRP of £3.49 it's a fab alternative to champagne. 


It's always ideal to have a drink on hand for those mum-to-be's, designated drivers, tea-totallers or those just having a night off; Shloer Celebration provides this.
Shloer has unveiled a brand new look just in time for the festive period this year, whilst packed with the same bubbly tastiness. With their new look Shloer have added a signature popping cork. As well as being an enjoyable drink, it also makes for a beautiful gift for the party hostess too. It's available in crisp refreshing White Bubbly or fruity Pink Fizz, priced at £2.99 per 75cl bottle. In addition to these two flavours there are eleven refreshing flavours of original Shloer.

Udi's Tortilla Chips

Christmas is a time for lots of nibbles, and Udi's help with this with their Gluten Free Tortilla Chips available in Peri Peri BBQ flavour. Sometimes it can be hard to cater for everyone at parties as you never know which allergies or varying diets people are following however these are Gluten Free whilst still having a delicious crunch and flavour.

Cherizena Coffee

Nearly everyone is a lover of coffee these days, although I'm not so it would be wrong to not include a coffee product of some sort within my gift guide. This year coffee specialist Cherizena have brought back their limited edition Christmas coffee. With a delicious aroma of plum pudding it's a real Christmas flavour. Like all coffee's in the range they contain no syrups or coating created by simply flavouring the beans. The coffee is available as beans or ground and priced at £3.25 for a 115g pack.

Dark Horse Wine

Yet another drinks product, but lets face it you can never go wrong with buying someone wine. Dark Horse provide a premium wine for under £10 being a perfect option for a gift. They have created both a chardonnay and cabernet sauvigon. The cabernet sauvigon features dark, earthy flavours giving a silky, deep flavour. Where as the chardonnay offers bright, sweet aromas giving a refreshing crisp taste.Priced with an RRP of £8.99 it's the perfect gift. 


With winter setting in, J2O have introduced some new flavours to their range. J2O always reminds me of christmas  which you may find strange but my Nan always brought some at Christmas. The new tastes are Midnight Forest and Midnight Amber, which is exclusive in Marstons Greene King and Fuller pubs. The new flavours can be enjoyed as they are or made into some cocktails. Midnight Forest is priced at £4.39 for a pack of four, and would make a great alternative drink. 

Please Note: I was gifted samples of some of the above products. 

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