Isla | Five Months Old

Sunday, 29 November 2015
Isla has today turned five months old, FIVE months! It's absolutely flown by, it only feels like I was just laying in hospital after having her let alone her being here for five whole months. It's true time really does fly past with subsequent children. She is just a happy giggly girl, she just amazes me.

I've not had Isla weighed since last month, it's not something I am regularly doing this time round, but I can tell she is growing. She is becoming more of a little pudding and then slimming as she grows in length. I can feel she is heavier and she's eating plenty so I know she's fine. Isla is still exclusively breastfed although beginning to try and grab for foods which we are eating. She constantly watches us when we are eating, I'm trying to hold out until the recommended 6 months. It's a scary thought but a fun one too. 

This month Isla finally mastered to roll over, back to front although we haven't quite mastered the front to back again yet so she is getting frustrated with herself. It's true that every baby is different as Isla and Jack are at completely different stages. Isla loves to smile, whenever we are out people always comment about how much of a happy baby she is. I don't remember Jack being this smiley at all. Isla also loves her own reflection and will happily sit and look at herself within the mirror. It's so adorable. 

She is finally beginning to enjoy her toys too, grasping them more and watching Jack play with his too. The jumperoo is a favourite, it was a lifesaver with Jack and she will enjoy a fair amount of time bouncing away watching everything. 

In regards to daytime naps, they are still like gold dust, only happening in the car, occasionally on the school runs or indeed whilst feeding and I cuddle her. Maybe one day she will settle down for others. Then we have the fact she became a very dribbly baby last month, well we still have no teeth and the dribble has increased so we will see how long until they come through. 

It's hard to believe next month she will be half a year old! 

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