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Friday, 6 November 2015
Jack loves his milk - its not always been plain sailing with trying a soya diet for a while but the boy just couldn't live without. We ended up taking a short break from cow's milk to get his allergies and eczema under control but we are back drinking it now.
Milk plays a huge part within our daily routine, we have milk with our breakfast, we then have a glass of ice cold milk in an afternoon with a snack, then a small glass of warm milk before bedtime. We therefore buy a lot of milk as he's not the only milk fan. 
One snack that Jack really enjoys with his afternoon milk are cookies, and to me there's nothing better than milk and cookies. 
Cookies & Cravendaele

Recently we were sent some vouchers for Cravendale, and in all honesty I normally buy supermarket own apart from Jack occasionally gets special big milk. But I think I shall be continuing to purchase Cravendale now. It's got a richer taste than the supermarket stuff and gives a more pure milk taste. This may be as it's filtered for freshness, allowing it to last longer therefore giving a better taste for longer. Once opened it can last upto 7 days, and unopened can last longer. 
Cookies & Cravendaele

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