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Thursday, 26 November 2015
Christmas is just around the corner now, it’s been in the shops for a while but it’s getting ever closer. Jack’s recently begun practising for his Christmas performance at school and it’s finally sinking in for him the big guy is coming soon. But with Christmas coming, the bad weather comes too and we are needing to find more activities to do indoors. Games are perfect for this, everyone can get involved and for us everyone seems to enjoy. With everyone getting into the Christmas spirit what perfect timing then to play Orchard Toys Christmas Surprise game.

This is two games in one, with reversible game boards perfect way to make a game more enjoyable. On one side of the game board is Santa and you need to help him find the different shaped toys to fill his sack, and on the reverse side is a Christmas tree which requires decorating with the baubles. Included within the box are 4 reversible game boards, 24 coloured baubles, 24 presents and two dice (one for each game).  This game is aimed at children 3-6 and for 2-4 players.

One of the games is to help Santa find the toys by matching the shapes.  You simply roll the dice (with shapes on) and then whichever shape you roll you find a corresponding present (wrapping paper side up) and place upon the shape on your game board until complete. We had fun guessing what we think the different shaped presents may be, and included everything from balls to dinosaurs to pianos. Once the Santa’s sack is complete you then turn over the presents revealing what they are. This is where the game gets the name Christmas Surprises from; it’s a great way to add the element of surprise into the game.

The other game is a colour matching game, requiring you to match the coloured baubles to the tree. Again, you roll a dice (with colours on) and then the colour you roll, you find a bauble matching the colour and place upon the game board until complete. I found this a brilliant way to encourage Jack to talk about his colours and learn how to match them.

With the game being aimed at 3-6 year olds, Jack was a perfect age being almost 4. It’s simple enough for him to understand, even if he does cheat picking a shape each turn rather than missing a go. I also found it brilliant for encouraging his learning which is always great whilst having fun. The game encourages learning and recognising colours and shapes along with the names of them, also encouraging turn taking, listening and observational skills. Jack was able to have great fun whilst also learning new skills at the same time.

It’s a brilliant game to play at this time of year, and throughout the year too and has an RRP of £9.50 which is great when you think what you actually get from the game. As with all Orchard Toys games, it’s great quality and features lovely bright colours.

Please Note: We received this game as part of the Orchard Toys blogger scheme in return for an honest and objective review, this does not influence our decision.

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