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Saturday, 28 November 2015
I’ve mentioned before about Jack’s terrible skin and his eczema troubles. Although now we tend to have it mostly under control and just small patches, some simple changes can cause a big flare up. So when I was asked if I wanted to try Surcare, a brand promising to be sensitive on your skin I was keen to try it out.
Surcare is a truly sensitive laundry and washing up liquid range that has been specifically developed with sensitive skin in mind. Surcare products don’t contain unnecessary ingredients that could irritate skin but still provide your laundry with that ‘just off the line’ freshness. Surcare is soft on the skin but tough on stains, even at 30 degrees.
The problem with some Non-Bio products is they are perfect for the sensitivity needed however don’t help with getting the products clean, and Jack seem to attract dirt so not a perfect match. I was keen to try out Surcare and all it had to offer.

We received a lovely package from Surcare which included a bottle of Surcare laundry liquid along with some towels. Initially I washed the towels and they came out the machine smelling lovely, I simply used the Surcare and no fabric softeners or any additional items. I was then keen to try it out on Jack’s clothing, being a typical boy he loves getting dirty and this can sometimes be difficult to clean with some Non-Bio washing powders and liquids. However it did a brilliant job, his clothes came out smelling lovely as well as being clean and dirt-free. Then the main challenge came, seeing if they caused any irritation, amazingly they didn’t.

It’s so refreshing for me as a parent knowing I can still keep Jack safe from the nasty additives which cause the irritations for him whilst getting his laundry lovely and clean. The Surcare Non-Biological Super Concentrated Laundry Liquid is free from enzymes like many other non-bio detergents however also has the bonus of being free from dyes, acids, perfumes and other unnecessary ingredients. It’s been dermatologically tested and approved and recently was awarded Allergy Uk’s Seal Of Approval to show it’s suitable for allergy sufferers.
I shall definitely be continuing to purchase this for Jack’s clothing and with a reasonable price tag it won’t break the bank. Priced with an RRP of £3 for an 18 wash pack, it’s reasonable to purchase for knowing it helps Jack.

Please Note: I received a bundle of towels and a bottle of Surcare for the purpose of this review however all views and opinions are my own. 

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