The Elf On The Shelf® A Beginners Guide

Friday, 20 November 2015
The Elf On The Shelf® A Beginners Guide

Theres just 5 weeks left until Christmas now, how scary? So I'm continuing my theme of Christmas this week with the famous elf, The Elf On The Shelf®.
Last year I intended to begin this tradition with Jack, however with everything else that happened at the end of last year it was difficult to find the time to do it and before I knew it we were half way through December. However this year I'm determined to do it and I'm prepared ready with our adopted elf. I'm excited to start this fun and magical tradition with Jack and Isla. I know Jack will have so much fun trying to find our elf and seeing what he has been upto. 
However I often see lots of people asking about The Elf On The Shelf® and what all the fuss is about, and I've already seen it this year so I thought I'd write a little post answering the most common questions. 

What is The Elf On The Shelf® all about?
The Elf On The Shelf® quite simply is an elf sent from the North Pole which watches you; each night the elf reports back to Santa Claus in the North Pole about the activities from the day to help make the decision about the naughty and nice list. When a family adopts a scout elf and gives it a name, the magic is received by the elf meaning he can report back to Santa. Each morning the elf returns to the family and sits within a different place to watch the days fun. The Elf On The Shelf:A Christmas Tradition is the rhyming story explaining the story of the scout elves and their job. The story explains how an elf's magic disappears if he is touched. Originally starting in America with the elves arriving after Thanksgiving, here in the UK most people start at the beginning of Advent, which is when we shall begin.

Are there any rules to follow?
Not really, the world's your oyster so to speak. There's just two simple rules that every child knows, or can be reiterated from the book. 
Firstly, a scout elf cannot be touched. The scout elf comes from the North Pole and gets it's magic when you adopt him or her and the magic of Christmas is very fragile. If you touch the scout elf the magic may be lost making it impossible for the elf to fly back. 
Secondly, a scout elf cannot speak or move whilst anyone in the house is awake. This is why a scout elf's magic always happens on an evening. A scout elf's job is simply to listen and watch. 
A scout elf should also never be depicted as naughty and showing mischievous behavior. The scout elves' behavior should promote family fun to re-literate nice list behavior. 

Where can I adopt an Elf from?
The official The Elf On The Shelf® adoption centre can be found here where you can adopt your own elf. You can also adopt an elf from many other Santa-Approved stores including Amazon.  There are also clothing items in which you can get to keep your elf warm during the winter seasons and make them unique, although they are used to the cold of the North Pole. Many other stores have now caught onto the tradition and are selling there own versions of the elf, although the original comes with the story to help create the magic. 

Do I have to participate everyday?
Of course not, The Elf On The Shelf® is a fun activity and shouldn't be seen as a chore otherwise it will loose magic. You can start the elf whenever suits your family and if it suits you to only participate in weekends that's fine too. Sometimes elves have to go away during the week to elf school or to help make presents ready for the festivities. You could also begin the week before Christmas when the schedule isn't as busy. 

What if my elf forgets?
Thats okay too, your elf can fly back to the North Pole and move position whilst your child is at school or nursery and your at work or out for the day. Providing no-one is in the house awake, the magic is endless. 

What about when it's time for my elf to leave?
Our elf will be bringing a welcome letter to explain and in there it will say how long he is staying for. Your elf may also leave a note at the end of their stay explaining about the exciting time they have had but they are going back to see their friends. 

You can follow my The Elf On The Shelf® journey during December on Instagram. I also have a pinterest board with lots of ideas for your elf

Have you taken part in The Elf On The Shelf® before, or are you planning to for the first time? Let me know below and I'll be sure to follow your journey too. 

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