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Wednesday, 18 November 2015
Each year I buy Jack an advent calendar, even for his first Christmas aged just 10 months.Generally they tend to be filled with chocolate in various shapes and forms relating to the festivities. But some parent's don't wish to give their children chocolate, or maybe there are intolerance's.
Last year I got Jack two advent calendars, a chocolate one and a WOW toys one and he loved it. This year WOW toys got in touch asking us to review one of their calendars and I jumped at the opportunity. WOW Toys Advent Calendar Review
If you've not seen these before, they are fun toy filled advent calendars working the same way as a chocolate one. However instead of a small chocolate treat, you get a lovely toy surprise, which at the end sets up a lovely play scene. Each toy from the day can be placed on the corresponding number on the fold down play scene during advent making your very own festive scene. WOW Toys are a company I love, they have  fantastic range of battery free toys which are hard wearing - perfect with a rough toddler playing with them. The advent calendars are suitable for children aged one to five.
WOW Toys Advent Calendar Review
The advent calendars they make come in three different versions Farmyard, Town and Wonderland. The Town and Farmyard are great if you have WOW toys already and want to add to the collection, but the Wonderland is more festive although they all have Christmas aspects. Each calendar includes 24 toys, which are multi-gender.
WOW Toys Advent Calendar Review

I found this great also for Jack's learning, as like a traditional advent calendar he had to find the number, but he also had to then match the toy to the correct number on the play scene. We talked about colours, the different items and had fun using imaginative play.
I'm excited for Jack to get the experience again this year as I feel its better value for money.

Do you buy your children an advent calendar? What kind do you opt for?

Please Note: I received a WOW advent calendar in exchange for an open, honest review. All opinions are my own. 

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