Celebrating Breastfeeding - My Journey Update

Tuesday, 1 December 2015
Celebrating Breastfeeding - Our Journey Updated

I'm incredibly proud of how far I've come on my breastfeeding journey. All along my journey I've not had any goals for feeding, just encase, and took each feeding day as a bonus.

I'm nowhere near being finished nursing and feel we are doing well with five whole months behind us. Within those five months their has been lots of emotions - some happy, some sad,some easy times and some hard times. The early days feeding Isla were the hardest, for the both of us and it took around six weeks for us to settle with feeding. Those initial weeks were spent with lots of feeding, engorged breasts, cracked and bleeding nipples and lots of sleepy cuddles. I persevered and fed through the pain, I'm not sure how other than sheer determination. I don't see the pain negatively, I see it as our learning journey, our positive story for how we got this far. 
During my feeding time with Isla, I've gained so much confidence the early days were spent worrying about if she needed a feed when we were out - now I don't care as much my baby needs feeding just like you and me. I've also gained weight which for me has been the only negative, most loose weight but I find myself snacking so much it's not turned out to be a weight loss tool. 
So fast forward a few months and here we are, five months on; I'm SO proud for being successful for this long. I'm actually now feeling a little sad that Isla isn't feeding as much and that she is starting to show an interest in real food. But on wards and upwards and I'm looking forward to feeding Isla and hopefully reaching many more feeding milestones during our journey. 

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