Going on a Weaning Journey with HiPP Organic #WeanTeam

Wednesday, 30 December 2015
Isla, is growing so quickly, she's 6 months old now and it's seriously flown by - which of course means she is no longer reliant on mummy milk for food as we begin to introduce some solid food. Jack was weaned early it was medically advised to help with his reflux however Isla hasn't began yet. She's had about 3 small tastes of food but that is about to change as we embark on our weaning journey. 

I'm really excited that we are going to be working alongside HiPP Organic for this journey as Isla and I join the #WeanTeam which is an exciting 12 month programme where along with some other bloggers I will share with you each and every step of Isla's weaning journey. I feel so privileged to have this opportunity and I'm super excited too.
HiPP Organic #WeanTeam

A few weeks back now I got the call to say Isla had been shortlisted to join the team and we attended a lovely event in Birmingham a couple of weeks ago. We learnt so much about what we could expect over the next year but also learning so many important things about HiPP as a brand in which I'm excited to share with you all too. There were plenty of activities for the babies whilst the parents enjoyed coffee and cake. We spoke to Helen Gardiner, HiPP's nutritionist and started looking at a plan to help us begin the journey. 

HiPP Organic #WeanTeam

HiPP Organic #WeanTeam

Even though it was just a short event I learnt so much about HiPP which made me even more excited for the year ahead. HiPP is a family run business and is currently in it's fourth generation, created back in 1899 by Joseph HiPP when his wife had difficulty nursing their twins he created the rusk. As the popularity grew, in 1932 Joseph launched his own company and in 1956 his son Georg expanded the family business. Today, the company is run by Georg's son Claus and grandson Stefan. Over time the company have created a lovely small company who launched into the UK in 1999 and now have a range of over 150 here in the UK including milks, cereals, pouches and tray meals. 
HiPP Organic #WeanTeam
HiPP Organic #WeanTeam

Alongside the lovely event we have also been sent a lovely hamper from HiPP with some lovely products to get us started as well as some goodies and essentials too. So heres to the next 12 months of sharing exciting weaning news with you as well as some exciting HiPP news too. 

Have you started the weaning journey yet? Have you tried HiPP Organic foods?

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