Isla | Six Months Old

Tuesday, 29 December 2015
Now I know I say this every single update, but how is Isla six months old? The time is absolutely zooming past, I feel like I've blinked and she has grown up right in front of me. 
My Mummys World Isla 6 months

Isla is becoming a little character, definitely starting to show her own personality more now. She is always smiling and grinning at people which they all seem to love. She absolutely adores Jack even if he still doesn't understand the concept of a baby and to be gentle and I just know the minute she's on the move they will be trouble together. 

My Mummys World Isla 6 months

I've still not had Isla weighed (I will add it to my to-do list) but she is still fitting in 3-6 month clothing, just about but the next size is too large. She still has her cute little rolls but seems to have grown a lot in length again. I'm incredibly proud that I've managed to breastfeed Isla exclusively for the past six months minus around 3 or 4 small tastes of food which she managed to grab! I'm now going to begin the weaning journey with her which is both exciting and nervous. 

We still don't have any teeth completely through although the one lower is beginning to poke through and the endless dribble would seem to prove this so I think by month 7 we will definitely have something to show for it, or at least I hope so. 

My Mummys World Isla 6 months My Mummys World Isla 6 months

As for moving around, we finally managed the rolling front to back again and have learnt how to tummy shuffle around, she no longer stays still in one place and can maneuver around quite well. She's beginning to practice her skills for crawling as she is learning to raise her bottom and bend her knees, I honestly don't think it will be too much longer. She is beginning to sit unaided but because I'm over cautious I still keep cushions and padding around as she does love to try and grab things a bit out of reach. She's becoming more interested in the toys, but still not overly interested. Obviously Christmas has just passed by and she seemed to be inundated with toys so plenty to keep us active. 

My Mummys World Isla 6 months

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