Oral Care and Hygiene with Nuby

Friday, 4 December 2015
A little while ago I was sent a lovely selection of Nuby products for Isla to help see us through teething, but also some oral products for Jack too. 
Nuby is a brand familiar with most, we used a fair amount of their products with Jack as a baby and they are such great quality. However, we have never used any of the oral hygiene range from them. 
Oral Care and Hygiene with Nuby

Teething with Nuby
Within our selection of goodies was a lovely teething toy and some teething gels - perfect timing for us as Isla's teeth are just beginning to make an appearance, although none have cut yet. The toy was a lovely pink plush pal, which has been a big hit with Isla. It features some bright colours, different textures and crinkle material as well as two feet which are perfect for teething babies. The plush toy is incredibly easy for Isla to hold herself as it's flat and the teething feet make it a perfect teething toy. We also received some teething gels, most babies struggle with their teeth coming through, Jack's first few weren't too bad but as more came they became more painful for him. Luckily so far Isla's have only given her pain within the day time, to which this gel has been brilliant. It's a fruit flavoured gel, I've not tried it myself but Isla doesn't seem to mind too much. It can be used from 4 months and is easy enough to apply with a clean finger. As well as soothing sore gums it's protective too being anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. 
Pink Plushy Pal Nuby

Oral Hygiene.
Oral Hygiene with Nuby
Four Stage Oral Care System NubyWe received a four stage oral care system within our package, which is absolutely fantastic. Suitable from birth this system provides an excellent start to introducing oral hygiene. I truly believe introducing it at an early age helps with good habits and makes it easier long term. I've been using this with Isla to introduce her to tooth brushing although she has none. The first stage of the system is the silicone massager, designed with babies comfort in mind. You simply place it upon your finger and you can then clean and massage the sensitive gums. From 3 months you can then move up to stage 2, which is a massaging brush, allowing baby to get involved too; it has an easy grip handle perfect for little hands and has extra soft bristles. Next is stage 3, which again is a massaging brush for more independence, this is more for cleaning of gums and teeth rather than the cleaning and soother the previous one offered. There are multiple surfaces giving effective cleaning in each direction. Finally there is stage 4, a nylon bristle brush allowing your toddler to be just like parents and carers. It's a brilliant collection which helps with Independence and grows with your child. We have used stages one and two with Isla so far; mainly stage 2 and it's been brilliant for helping with her gums and acting as another teether toy.
There were also an additional two toothbrushes and toothpaste sets included which Jack has taken ownership of. With similar ingredients to that in the teething gel, the toothpaste is safe to swallow and helps prevent against tooth decay. Jack's a bit funny with the taste of some toothpastes and he didn't mind this one too much so was a hit here. 

Christmas Goodies.
Nuby Christmas Goodies
With it almost being Christmas we had some other fun little goodies included too; there were some lovely dribble bibs, some festive soothers and an activity spiral. We had a lot of dribble bibs for Jack, pretty much every outfit was complete with one and I'm sure Isla is heading the same way although up to yet we have managed. These ones from Nuby are adorable and the first ones we've tried on Isla, they have two designs a red one with a reindeer and a gingerbread man with christmas trees on. They are both gender neutral bibs and suitable from birth, although I think they may be a little big. They have an adjustable neckline and secure with some sticky velcro. They are quite absorbent, although I have seen thicker ones around and are super soft on the skin which we all love for babies. We also had some cute festive soothers included which are a lovely design, Isla has never taken to a soother unlike Jack. Finally there was an activity spiral, I had been looking at getting one of these for a while when Isla was becoming bored in the car seat so was lovely to receive one in the package. It's a lovely bright interactive toy which you can attach to pushchairs, car seats or cribs to keep baby entertained. It's been perfect for us in the car on long journeys. Featuring rattles and squeaks to provide stimulation with bright colours and shapes to help hand-eye co-ordination. 
Nuby Christmas BibsNuby Christmas BibsNuby Spiral Toy

All of the products we have received have been brilliant and are all available upon the Nuby site. You can stay up to date with Nuby on social media. 

Please Note: We received a selection of products free of charge, however all views and opinions are my own and not influence by this.

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