Reflecting on 2015 and hopes for 2016

Thursday, 31 December 2015
So as 2015 draws to a close, I thought it would be nice to reflect back on the crazy year that this year has been and share some hopes for 2016. 

2015 has been a somewhat crazy year here, last year I remember saying surely life could only get better with so much crap that happened but this year has still seen lots of downs too. I know life wouldn't be normal without them but sometimes I just feel like I get more than enough share than one person is worthy of. 

January saw me start the year as a single parent to one and pregnant with another. I finally announced my pregnancy with Isla, one in which I had kept a secret for a while whilst I came to terms with the changes to family life. I also had a private gender scan, something in which I kept a secret for a while as I didn't want to share with nosey people at the time; it was nice having something just I knew. But something exciting happened in January too - Mum and I put a deposit on a new build house that turned into a crazy journey too. February saw Jack turn 3 and was also the month I shared my gender announcement with some family members. I really wasn't looking forward to March, this was set to see me get married, finally have the same name as Jack and see me as a Mrs, something I had dreamed of for a while. I know cancelling the wedding was for the best, but still. 
My Mummys World 2015 Reflection

April saw our house sale finally complete, we sold our house back in January but was hoping to stay there until the new house was built. However with the build taking a while we completed the sale to not loose the buyers and moved in with my Nanna for a short period. So many memories from our house were finally closed within a book - of course there were some good memories but so many bad ones too so it was nice to have an end to them. May saw me finish work, for maternity leave but I would be using my holidays up first with maternity officially beginning the end of June. It also saw Jack finish his time at nursery - somewhere he had been going since I started back to work after maternity leave in November 2012. I found June a very hard month, I'm not sure if it was my hormones or what but I found I was struggling with life, especially when we seemed to be messed around on the build of our home. But at the end of the month, everything changed with the birth of Isla of course a very special highlight of the year let alone the month. 
My Mummys World 2015 Reflection

July passed by with a complete blur, I completed my first month breastfeeding and overcome some problems there but generally had a fab time in a blur with Jack and Isla. Then we reached August, an exciting month for many reasons. Finally after what felt like a lifetime Jack managed to ditch his dummy - he only had it at nighttime but it was becoming a nuisance so that was a nice mini achievement. But the most exciting of all we finally got the keys to our new house! After 3 months of temporarily living with my Nanna we finally were back in a home of our own and I officially became skint as I became a homeowner. The rest of August went past in a blur of baby and unpacking boxes. In September, Jack started back at nursery this time in the form of nursery school, after a long break Jack was going crazy so it was the best thing and he's loved it ever since. He also managed to crack potty training during September, something we had been attempting for some time but all of life changes got in the way. 

Then we reach the final quarter of the year, again pretty much like the start, these have just whizzed past in a blur. October saw us visit the National Forest Adventure Farm for the first time and Jack loved it, we also had a very long half term from Jack's school whilst they made changes and finished the new building. November was a quiet month as we prepared for the festivities about to hit us with Christmas, something Jack really seemed to understand this year so we visited Santa and had breakfast.  Then before you know it December was with us and we celebrated Isla's first Christmas and Jack's first where he seemed to understand Santa. 

I'm glad that 2015 is drawing to a close, of course I'm happy that we got our new house and of course for Isla's birth. Of course I'm unsure what 2016 has planned for us, but I hope its exciting and has more happy memories. At the moment I'm unsure if I shall be returning to work so I hope to grow the blog and make more memories from doing so. I'm also hoping we get to go on a holiday considering I've not been on one since 2012 what a lifetime ago. It will also see Jack begin school and Isla turn one. I'm hoping to take some beautiful photographs and hope to get in some photos too. As for hopes with the blog, I'm hoping to join in more linkys, be less scared of 'real people' finding my blog as in family members and to also have a go at YouTube although that really scares me. 

So I will leave you with some of my favourite photos from the year... 
My Mummys World 2015 ReflectionMy Mummys World 2015 ReflectionMy Mummys World 2015 ReflectionMy Mummys World 2015 Reflection

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