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Tuesday, 15 December 2015
It's amazing how a sibling relationship can grow, being an only child I've obviously never had a sibling bond so I've no idea about it, but these two seem to have an adorable one.
Jack&Isla December
I think Jack is still in a bit of a whirlwind about his baby sister though as sometimes he seems to absolutely adore her, and others seems to really dislike her. You can see there is still a slight bit of jealousy around although this is seeming to ease a little now. He of course knows we love him too, and he gets plenty of time where he gets lots of attention too but he's still adapting.
Jack&Isla December
However like I previously mentioned he does adore Isla, in just 5 months I've watched Jack change and grow up to be an amazing big brother. He is always the one who can make Isla giggle and when it suits him he loves to share his toys and attempt to play games with her.
Bathtime is a fun time for them both, they currently share a bath when needed and Jack loves to help wash her, and share the bath toys with her whilst Isla watches along giggling and trying to reach out for everything.

Whenever Isla is crying Jack will always comfort her saying 'It's okay Baby Isla' always refering to her as baby Isla or my sister, like a proud big brother. He also loves to be the one who pushes her everywhere when we take the pushchair out.
Jack&Isla December
I'm excited to see how they grow in 2016 and how their bond will develop when Isla is able to play and interact more with Jack.
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