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Friday, 29 January 2016
Theres no doubt in the fact I love Italian food, if we are opting to go out for a meal I will generally always opt for Italian. There are many different Italian chains around these days, but one which is a classic which we didn't discover until we moved is Bella Italia. 

Bella Italia; Walsall

The Bella Italia near us is lovely and you always receive excellent service, however its a little cramped in there, the tables seem to be a little close as they are in a small unit. Recently a new Bella Italia opened at the Waterfront complex in Walsall we were super keen to go along. The Waterfront complex itself is a new development area featuring several restaurants. It's not far from Junction 10 of the M6, so very easy to get to from all around. The complex has ample of parking which you do need to pay for and is positioned close by the shops and Crown Wharf shopping centre. 
Bella Italia Walsall

Bella Italia Walsall

We were booked for 5pm, I think there had been a bit of a communication issue though as we weren't down on the bookings list however many other families were. However, we were greeted by the staff and promptly seated at a table. We were given menus to look over and choose and also explained to how the children's menu works. Looking over the menu, it was clear there are many tasty options to suit everyone and even some lighter meal options which I thought was great for those watching calories to enjoy. Whilst looking over the menu, Jack and Isla were given some bread sticks to munch on, which is lovely as Jack always gets hungry as soon as he sees and smells food. 

Bella Italia - Isla eating breadsticks

After around 10 minutes our food and drinks order was taken and it didn't take long after this for the drinks to arrive, shortly followed by the starters around 15 minutes after ordering. For our starters we all tried something different, I had the Bruschetta, whilst Mum had the Funghi Arrosto and Ashley had the Gamberia, Jack had the cheesy garlic bread from the children's menu. All of our starters were incredibly tasty, having lots of flavours and being hot if needing to be; you could tell they had been freshly cooked because of this. They were full of flavours which were shown when eating. 

Bella Italia Kids Cheesy Garlic BreadBella Italia BruschettaBella Italia Gamberia
Bella Italia Funghi Arrosto

Around 10 minutes after our starters had been cleared away our mains were ready to come out. Again, you could see that they were hot and freshly cooked which is always a good start. I had the Polpette Americano pasta, I was a bit unsure if I would enjoy as the menu stated 'with a hint of chilli' however it was packed full of flavour. The tomato sauce was tasty and the meatballs were light and tasty too. Ashley had opted for Pasta Marco Polo, which he said was very tasty it did look it too. Mom had opted for a more English meal of Lamb Shank, which was served on a bed of mashed potatoes served with green beans; she said the meat and potatoes were very tasty with the gravy having lots of flavour however the beans could have done with being cooked a little longer.I'm not sure if this is more personal preference though. 

Bella Italia Polpette Americano pastaBella Italia Pasta Marco PoloBella Italia Lamb Shank

Then there was Jack, I love the children's menu at Bella Italia as there are different options for children depending on how much they can eat however if there is nothing on the children's menu they would like they will happily do the equivalent portion size from the adults menu for pizza or pasta. Jack loves this as he really wanted Bolognese so was happy he could have it. The waitress looking after us was lovely and made lots of effort to interact with Jack.

Bella Italia Kids Bolognese

Then it was onto the deserts, we were given desert menus and time to look over them. There was a delay in ordering these I felt however as the restaurant was getting busy, the staff were having to deal with a lot more people and there was no longer wait then you would expect. Jack had opted to have the gelato option from the children's menu and the waitress took him up to the gelato bar where he chose a chocolate ice cream with chocolate sauce. There was a lot of different flavours of gelato to choose from and many different toppers too. Jack thoroughly enjoyed his gelato ending up with lots around his face. 

Bella Italia Chocolatey Face

Both Ashleys desert and my desert came out fairly quickly, he opted for the trio of shot deserts having Tiramisu Mousse, Amaretto Chocolate Pot and Strawberry Cheesecake. He wasn't overly keen on them but said they had lots of flavour. I had opted to have the Big Tony Godfather Gelato Sundae, which was tasty with lots of different things included however I feel there was an overpowering flavour of almond. Mum had opted for the Limoncello Meringue Pie, we were informed this would take a little longer as it was just cooking, when it came out Mum was impressed and said afterwards it was very tasty. 

Bella Italia Trio Shot DesertsBella Italia Limoncello Meringue PieBella Italia Big Tony Godfather Gelato Sundae

We all thoroughly enjoyed the meal, the food was good and the service equally as good with friendly staff. The restaurant was very spacious with a bright welcoming atmosphere. The menu had a lovely range of food on offer with many Italian classics, lighter options and those you may not expect. The prices are reasonable and we would have been very happy to pay the prices. 

Please Note: We were given the opportunity to have a meal at the Walsall branch of Bella Italia. They were aware of our visit and our meals were paid in full however all opinions are my own and unbiased. 

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