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Monday, 18 January 2016
At the end of last year that still feels weird writing Isla was lucky enough to be chosen as a Gummee Glove Brand Ambassador, and simply it couldn't have come at a better time. Isla was and still is constantly chewing on things with her painful little teeth on the way through. We are constantly battling through drool. However, having the Gummee Glove has been a great help!
 I remember when I had Jack, I looked at the Gummee Glove but teething was so easy with him, he had red cheeks for a while then the one day they went really red and the next day his first tooth was through. Simple... Isla not so much so.
With Isla, we have tried the general teething rings, a few teething toys which haven't worked all that well as they are a little difficult for her to hold onto alone, with her quickly dropping them and screaming for them again. However with the Gummee Glove there is nothing for her to hold so it's been perfect. I guess it what makes the Gummee Glove so appealing, it's perfect. 

Simply shaped like a glove, well mitten you place it on your baby's hand and fasten together for a snug fit. Around the edges of the ring are flexible rubber chomping tabs, with a crinkly insert on the palm there to stimulate new sounds. There is also a removeable heart-shaped silicone teething ring. Also included is a laundry bag making it easy to machine wash, keeping it clean and also easy to transport whilst keeping it hygienic. The glove is brightly coloured too which of course attracts baby's attention. 

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Isla was very keen to get started with the glove, and when I placed it on her, she immediately knew what to do placing it within her mouth and chomping away. At first she didn't get the aim too well but with the tabs on the side she had something to chew on. Initially she would use both hands, the one with the glove on and the other to guide it towards her mouth but she is using a mix of using it now. The best thing about the Gummee Glove however, is that I don't need to continuously pick it up once shes dropped it, which is perfect!

I'm really impressed with the Gummee Glove as it Isla and we are excited to become brand ambassadors for them sharing exciting news with you.
To celebrate becoming brand ambassadors, we have a Turquoise Gummee Glove to give away which are recommended for 3-6 months. Simply enter below.

Gummee Glove Giveaway

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