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Thursday, 14 January 2016
When Jack was a baby I wanted to be sure he wasn't scared of water and would know how to swim for if he ever needed to in an emergency. At a young age we started water babies, I really enjoyed that we went to a hydrotherapy pool in the local hospital which was lovely and warm, but we only did the one course as I returned to work and was unable to attend any future courses. I then placed Jack's name on the waiting list of the local swimming baths. 

The waiting lists for here were and possibly still are extremely long, so when we finally got a phone call to start lessons we were about to move house, to a new area. When we finally moved it completely crossed my mind and I never got around to sorting anything. However, a couple of weekends ago we decided we would go swimming at the local baths, whilst there I decided to enquire about lessons for Jack. Again, we joined a waiting list but this time the wait was much less and we heard about lessons the following week and started the week after, yesterday in fact. 
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So, along we headed to the swimming baths for Jack to have his first lesson, his first 30 minute swim with a teacher. He will happily wear his armbands, carry his float and kick his legs but at the moment hes nervous of putting his head near the water. Soon, I'm sure he will be confident with this along with his fellow swim mates.
It's exciting to think of what Jack may be like at the end of the year, hopefully a confident swimmer. 

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