Project366 | 2016 - Week One

Saturday, 9 January 2016
January 1st - Just a quiet day at home, catching up after festivities. 
January 2nd - Visit to Cosford Air Museum to look around. 
 January 3rd - Islas first trip swimming, despite this picture she was hungry Isla absolutely loved it and was so much better than her big brother first attempt.
 January 4th - Isla is progressing to standing on all fours, crawling is fast approaching.
 January 5th - The only picture I took this day which is unusual but the kids small collection of Tsum Tsum from Christmas gifts.
 January 6th - I started the 30 day shred again, for yet another attempt so following I'm a little red faced.
 January 7th - Jack was a typical bloggers child on the school run taking lots of photographs on the way. 
 January 8th - Having another snuggly day at home, the morning with just the two of us 

January 9th - A visit to Thinktank Birmingham and Jack had great fun around the exhibits - he especially loved putting the fuel in the car. 

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