Project366 | 2016 - Week Three

Saturday, 23 January 2016
January 17th - These two are just adorable, having cuddles on the floor. 

January 18th - Jacks little drawing, initially he said it was one of his puppets (toys) but he keeps telling everyone different things. 

Janaury 19th - Today we tried the deserts at a near by raved about desert shop, waffles, we both only managed half, even that was pushing it. "/ 

January 20th - Another week, another swimming lesson, Jack wasn't well yet still insisted on attending his lesson. 

January 21st - Sometimes I get Isla ready to collect Jack from school way to early... 

January 22nd - Today Jack stayed home from school as he was no better so we did some crafting instead with our bits from Baker Ross. 

January 23rd - Putting a whole new meaning to baby led weaning, Isla rolled to some crackers which had been left in the living room and fetched out the bowl and started munching. Obviously I had to take a photo first. Don't worry feeding police, she didn't eat them all.

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