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Tuesday, 16 February 2016
The working space in your office can sometimes be a little dull and boring, especially if using a black or white mouse. I find that sometimes my office space lacks a little fun and colour; so when this colourful little mouse arrived from Logitech it was just perfect to add in. 

Logitech Play Collection - Luke Lion
There is a range of colourful designs within the Logitech Play collection each covered with a bright animal design or geometric design. They are extremely comfortable to use, especially seen as I can use mine for hours on end sometimes, and even the scroll button is comfortable to operate. The compact size of this mouse makes it perfect for carrying around, and fits perfectly within the hands of adults and children; the fun styles are appealing to all too.  Being wireless I've sometimes found the tracking can be a little useless, however this features a 1000 dpi Advanced Tracking which has beautiful tracked even slow movements. 
Logitech Play Collection - Luke Lion
This is a wireless mouse compatible with Windows, Mac, Chrome or Linux kernal simply requiring a USB port. The fun use of this mouse can last a while too with a single battery lasting around 12 months dependent on the user and conditions. 

Logitech Play Collection - Luke Lion

These are currently retailing around £19.90 and can be found at many good retailers including Amazon

Please Note: I received this mouse in exchange for an open and honest review. All opinions are my own.

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