Starting Weaning and First Foods.

Monday, 29 February 2016
We have been weaning Isla for almost 2 months now, and its clear she loves her food. I'm still a bit useless in offering her 3 meals a day, sometimes she gets 3 and small snacks, some days she only has snacks. However most days she has at least 2 weaning related meals. We have had a great journey so far and had some fantastic support from HiPP Organic along the way. Not only because we are on the #WeanTeam but HiPP Organic offer support to parents throughout the weaning journey with help and support as well as nutritional advice.

Theres no questioning that each parent wants to give the very best start in life, and this continues throughout there development but I, along with many other I'm sure struggle when it comes to getting the best nutrition. However, HiPP Organic have created a simple guide which gets straight to the point and offers helpful tips for weaning. Explaining all about a balanced diet and how to make the most of it. Also what foods to offer for each food group. One thing I always worry about with both Jack and Isla is salt but included in the guide is some tips. 

Along with all of that, you then have to think about what to start with. Some ideal first foods are baby rice mixed in with breast milk or usual formula milk, there is also baby porridge of a similar consistency. If your wanting to try something with a little more flavour you could mix a HiPP Organic fruit puree with some of your babies usual milk. Or if your wanting to take a puree journey the vegetable purees such as HiPP Organic simply carrots or mixed vegetable medley jars are ideal. 

With Jack, we began our journey with baby rice, moving onto porridge and baby jars. With Isla, we have took a mixed approach giving her some porridge to get her started but used a mixture of purees as well as finger foods to help with co-ordination. 

There are many different ways in which you can start your weaning journey. Below I've included a video from HiPP Organic nutritionist Helen who shares some advice about beginning the weaning journey.

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