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Sunday, 28 February 2016
This weekend we were lucky enough, among many many others to be invited along to Drayton Manor Park to one of the Thomas & Friends weekends.

Thomas Land At Drayton Manor

Jack has wanted to go to Thomas Land for as long as hes known about it, often watching Vlogs on the attraction and seeing advertisements on the television. I had hoped to take him once I went on maternity leave last year before giving birth however we just never got around to it. So up until this visit, I've never taken him. In fact I've not been to Drayton Manor since I was at school, actually thats a lie I went once about a year after finishing school. So much has changed since my school days though including the Thomas Land addition. So when I was asked to attend the event on the weekend I knew it was an opportunity too good to miss. 

I managed to keep it a secret from Jack until the actual morning of going, to wish I told him when he woke up. He's really not a morning person so it doesn't show well but he was super excited. 
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On the journey to the theme park Jack was looking out of the window looking for Thomas and his friends and looking to see if we were there yet along with the many times hearing 'Are we there yet?'. When we finally arrived at the park and Jack saw the signs he was super excited. He couldn't wait to get inside and get started on the action. 

Before I actually tell you about our day and the attraction I thought I'd let you in on my initial thoughts. I actually thought Thomas Land and the attractions within this part would be small, that there wouldn't be much for us to go on or do. I truly believed we wouldn't be at the theme park for long if we went on each ride once. However, I was so wrong, so very very wrong. 

Thomas Land is just to the left as you go through the main entrance, easy enough to get to through some large gates. There are nineteen different rides and attractions within the Thomas Land complex along with many different shops and different things to see. 

Thomas at Thomas Land, Drayton Manor

As we went through the gates there is the engine tours which run along to farmer McColl's farm, however we initially went to the left hand side to experience the rides and attractions on offer there. Jack was very excited to get started and couldn't wait to get on the rides. First to get us started we went on Jeremy Jet's Flying Academy, which is located just outside of Sodor Airport. 

Jeremy Jets Flying Academy at Thomas Land, Drayton Manor

Blue Mountain Engines at Thomas Land, Drayton Manor

Thomas Land, Drayton Manor

There are a few rides located within the small area including Captain's Sea Adventure, Flynn's Fire Rescue, Blue Mountain Engines, Toby's Tram Express and Troublesome Trucks Runaway Coaster. Apart from Toby and Troublesome Trucks the rides were all similar to what Jack has been on before. However he's never been on anything like Toby and definitely never been on a rollercoaster. We went onto the Troublesome Trucks ride not knowing how Jack would react, initially he was scared especially when it sped up and went around the curves, as we reached the end of the ride he said he was scared however wanted another go. Couldn't have been that scared then? 
Troublesome Trucks Ride at Thomas Land, Drayton Manor

Thomas Land, Drayton Manor

We then saw Rosie approach the Knappford Station for the engine tours so decided to hop on-board. This was a short ride along to the farm part in which there were other Thomas related attractions. We went into Discover Thomas Exhibition which featured a model railway which Jack loved; Jack loves all things trains especially model rail layouts so was happy to spot the trains going around among the scenery. Located outside of this was Terence's Driving School, Jack struggled a little thinking he could bring his foot off and it would still work so after lots of help from the staff member operating he managed it alone. 

Terences Driving School at Thomas Land, Drayton Manor

We then decided to walk along to Spencer's Outdoor Adventure Play, where there is a lovely big play area and next to that is a Dino Trail where you can see lots of dinosaurs and learn all about them. Next to this is an entrance into the Zoo; we love animals so we had to pay a visit. The macaque's were putting on a show and Jack found this hilarious. Walking all around the zoo brought us near the food part and castle of dreams. 
Spencers Outdoor Adventure Play at Thomas Land, Drayton Manor

Dino Trail at Drayton Manor

We then walked back up into Thomas Land to enjoy some more rides, by now the park was really beginning to fill up. When we initially arrived at the park, for the first hour there were only people there for the event so getting onto the rides was quick and easy, hardly any queues if any at all. However when the park opened you could tell the attraction was getting busy with more and more people arriving in Thomas Land and the queues beginning. However, there was still hardly any waiting time and Jack shocked me by behaving incredibly well whilst we waited. 

Sodor Airport at Thomas Land, Drayton Manor

One ride Jack spotted and really wanted to go on was Winston's Whistle Stop Tour however with the long queue (and I was worried how he would react at this point) we decided to discover some of the other rides. Jack and I went onto the Bertie Bus ride which was fun. I could tell by Jacks face his stomach was doing knots but he took it in his stride and really enjoyed it. We went over to catch another glimpse of the engines doing the tour, I love how the engines each have moving eyes making them really realistic to the children; we even caught James having a little nap. We then went on Harold's Helicopter Tours which gave us an in the sky look at some of the park. Jack enjoyed being the pilot and taking us on a journey. 

Bertie Bus at Thomas Land, Drayton Manor

Finally before our day was over we decided to queue for the Winston ride, to which Jack was absolutely brilliantly behaved and he thoroughly enjoyed his overlook of the park on this ride. Then a final ride on Diesel's Locomotive Mayhem and then we headed back home. 
Diesels Locomotive Mayhem at Thomas Land, Drayton Manor

On thing I found really useful was the height guide was at the beginning of the ride and was very clear so you didn't need to queue to find out you were actually too small to ride. 
We had an absolutely fantastic time and I'm glad we have finally managed to take Jack along to Thomas Land. Your child's imagination really comes to life and they have a truly magical time. 

Please Note: We were provided with complimentary tickets for the day in exchange for an honest and open review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way. 

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