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Sunday, 14 February 2016
With all the miserable weather we have had of recent, I've found myself dreaming of getting away on holiday a lot. It seems like a distant dream considering I've only had one holiday since Jack was born and that was when he was 5 weeks old he's four this week. 

I would really like to take the children to Germany, it's the last holiday I went on and it was such a lovely place. However I feel we never really got to enjoy the holiday due to a variety of issues. We do plan to go back at sometime and visit the many attractions we visited and some others too. 
There were lots of amazing things in which we saw in Germany. 

My holiday before this was to Tunisia, that was an amazing experience as we managed to complete 70% of the Island during our holiday of a week, packing in lots of adventure. We went on a journey of the Sahara where they experienced there entire yearly rainfall within one evening, visiting the salt lakes which are apparently always dry but were soaked due to the rainfall. We visited the set of Star Wars and also the cave dwellings and Nomad tents. 
El Djem
Luke Skywalkers House - Tunisia
Sunrise on the Salt Lakes - Tunisia
Star Wars Set - Tunisia
Star Wars Set - Tunisia

However one place in which I would really like to go back to in Lanzarote. I went there with my parents and some family friends back in 2008 which seems a lifetime ago now and it was beautiful. However we never got to see many of the local attractions as the friends we went with didn't wish to go and do anything. Some days my mum and I would walk along to the nearby town but I would really like to go back and visit Timanfaya National Park, we read a lot about it and it sounded so interesting but the others didn't wish to go so we missed the opportunity. It's on my list of things I wish to do though so one day. So we would choose to visit Lanzarote as our villa holiday with James Villa. The flight to Lanzarote is quite short and one in which I feel would be a perfect beginner flight for the children. 

Jack keeps talking to us about wanting to go on an aeroplane. We have visited the airport on various times to watch the planes and now he has progressed to asking when we will be going on the planes. 

This is my entry to the James Villa #SummerLove competition where one lucky family will win a Villa Holiday. 

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