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Tuesday, 1 March 2016
We may still be in winter and it may still be really cold outside but we have already been thinking about summer and having a barbecue. Yes that’s right, a barbecue in the form of Barbecue Party from Drumond Park. 
Drumond Park Barbecue Party

This is the first game we have had of this kind, and it really was a big hit with Jack. He’s recently really started enjoying playing board games so it felt a great time to introduce him to different kinds.

Barbecue Party Game - Drumond Park
Barbecue Party is aimed at children 4+ and for 2-4 players its incredibly easy to play. In simple terms you simply pick a card, if the item isn’t on the grill you place it on, if its already on there you simply remove it using the tongs. Sounds simple enough, however when the barbecue gets too full the grill will dramatically leap up scattering all the food. It’s a great game of anticipation which just keeps everyone entertained. To win the game, you simply need to collect 3 cards with matching foods on them. We made the game longer when just Jack and I played with each of us needing to collect one of each food and we couldn’t have any two the same. 

Barbecue Party Game - Drumond Park

I think this game could possibly be played with younger children by simplifying the rules. You could simply draw cards and place the food on and off the grill and use fingers instead of the tongs if need be. 

Barbecue Party Game - Drumond Park

Each of the game pieces are great quality being made from a thick plastic. They each feature a cute expression and googly eyes which make them fun for younger players. The barbecue unit also is sturdy and features the same fun design with googly eyes. Each of the cards are eye catching and very bright. 

Barbecue Party Game - Drumond Park

Barbecue Party Game - Drumond Park

Barbecue Party was easy enough to put together, and ready to play with almost instantly, simply needing you to place the eyes on the food pieces. One great thing is it doesn’t require batteries and it easily packs back away into the box. It retails at £19.99, for stockists you can visit Drumond Park website.
Jack and I really enjoyed playing this and have enjoyed quite a few hours of barbecue cooking.

Barbecue Party Game from Drumond Park

Please Note: We received a copy of this game for the purpose of this review however all views and opinions are our own and not influenced in any way.

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