Isla | Eight Months Old

Wednesday, 2 March 2016
Its still hard to believe I've been a mother of two for eight months now. 
So much has changed with Isla in this past month, shes suddenly just had a boost of hitting milestones, meaning she is definitely growing up. 

Not long after I posted her 7 month update Isla decided she would attempt a crawl along the floor, it wasn't your average crawl more a pull your legs along. However it didn't take long for her to be fully on the move and following me everywhere! 
After learning to crawl the following day she learnt how to pull herself up. It wasn't Jack helping as he was sat with me. So she is also now pulling herself up and everything she can grab hold of to help. Shes pretty much always wanting to be on her feet now and attempting to take some steps when held up.

Shes also really found her voice this month, shes starting babbling with the usual dada and baba, however will also communicate with screams and squeals in excitement and anger. Whilst we are talking about mouths, we finally got our first teeth too, two lower and two upper. I told you it was a month of lots of milestones. I'm amazed how many have happened at once. 

Isla will now happily sit for some time and play with a selection of toys alone, choosing which she would like to play with. She is also enjoying playing with Jack on occasions too. People are still commenting on how much she really looks like her big brother, you can definitely tell they are siblings. 

So after a really crazy month, I'm excited to see what other milestones Isla will choose to reach in the coming month.

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