Supermarkets, Please Stock Larger Nappies.

Thursday, 3 March 2016
When I was pregnant with Jack, way before starting my blog, I joined an online forum for mums and dads. I met some lovely ladies who I was roughly due around the same time as and since most of us no longer go on the forum we are in a little group where we watch each others small people grow.

One of the lovely ladies within this group is Laura, she is such a kind and caring lady and has two beautiful children Brody and Sydney, both of similar ages to my two. Brody, her eldest, has Global Development Delay (GDD), hypotonia, hypermobility and epilepsy. Brody is a SWAN, Syndrome without a name. Due to his disabilities Brody is non-verbal and in return not yet potty trained.

Not a big deal some of you may think, however he is fast outgrowing the largest sized nappies in which Laura is able to purchase from the supermarkets (6+). Following this frustration, at the end of November 2015, Laura set up a campaign. Initially appealing to Tesco on facebook with this post, she has since stepped up a notch and created this Change Petition. This time not just focusing on one individual supermarket but to ALL of them. 

During Laura's time campaigning so far she has had a lot of people comment with advice. Many giving the direction of the continence service, which Brody is being refereed to. However many people (myself included before this) don't realise there isn't a blanket cover with many inconsistencies from area to area around the UK. Eligibility age varies 4 in some areas and up to 8 in others, some parents despite age still aren't eligible, long waiting times and the amount of nappies provided varies from case to case. You also have Pull-Ups, again still they don't come in a wide range of sizes, but unlike nappies, don't offer as much protection being a lot less absorbent so not suitable for this situation. 

I myself, have a cousin with a child still in nappies due to being unable to potty train, again through communication issues. My cousin purchases Pull-Ups but even these are starting to become to small for her son so I know she would benefit from this campaign too. I think this is also one of the reasons I can relate to Laura, not only from talking to her during the pregnancy but because I have a family member in a similar situation. 

Many of you may now be thinking or even googling the larger 'special needs' nappies however these come with a really large price tag, simply one which is so expensive. 
How simple and great would it be for these parents to be able to purchase the larger sized nappies from a supermarket. Not needing to overspend, not needing to wait around for delivery and hoping they are in stock. Therefore Laura really thinks there is a large gap in the market, and I agree (along with many others). 
It would be fantastic if supermarkets do take on board what Laura is campaining for.
You can sign and share the petition here

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