Surcare Sensitive Non-Bio Washing Powder - A Review

Friday, 4 March 2016
With the weather changes back in full swing I've noticed they are affecting Jacks skin again and hes having yet another eczema flare up. The warmer weather and more so the constant climate changes really seem to have a bad effect for Jack's skin. So where possibly I try my best to keep him as comfortable as possible and ensure products we use are gentle and suitable for him. 

One thing I always try to keep as gentle as possible is the laundry products I use since his clothing touches his skin directly. I was recently sent some Surcare Sensitive Non-bio Laundry Powder to try out. Also included was a very soft blanket, there is nothing better than cuddling under a comfy blanket, which I also wash in sensitive powders to be gentle on both children.

Unlike other washing powders it doesn't contain any enzymes whilst also being free from dyes, acids, perfumes and anything else unnecessary which cause irritation. This was lovely for me to discover as it ensured I wasn't adding anything which would encourage a flare up for Jack, hopefully keeping his skin as calm as possible. 

One thing I always worry about with Non-Bio powders is whether it would do a good cleaning job, I always think of them as gentle powders which don't get dirt out however I'm wrong. Jack is a typical boy getting dirty everyday and his clothes have still come out as well as using a biological powder. So not only is it gentle on the skin its great at washing too. 

Surcare has been dermatologically tested and approved and awarded Allergy UK's Seal of Approval making it perfect for allergy sufferers. 
This is a brand I shall continue to purchase for the children's laundry as its so gentle on their skin. The washing powder is priced with an RRP of £2.58 for 10 washes which I think is reasonable considering the amount of testing its been through. 

Please Note: I received a blanket and one pack of washing powder in exchange for this review. All views and opinions are my own and not influenced in anyway.

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