Introducing Lumps into the Weaning Journey

Friday, 29 April 2016
When weaning your little one at some point you will have to introduce lumps, no matter whether you take a traditional weaning route or a baby-led one. With Isla we have done a combination of purees and finger foods, Isla has enjoyed both but took a particular liking for finger foods.
If you are doing a traditional approach to weaning you will being to introduce lumps around the 7 months mark and HiPP Organic have an amazing range of foods suitable. It’s important to acknowledge that your baby’s needs are developing and a key element to feeding is introducing lumps and advanced flavours. At this stage it’s important to not leave it too long to try new foods as it can become harder for them to accept.
Helen the nutritionist at HiPP has put together a little video with some fantastic advice and tips on how to introduce lumps.

With Jack I did a more traditional weaning approach and I remember when it came to introducing lumps I was terrified. With Isla we have done a mix of baby led finger foods and some HiPP purees. I still had a fear with the lumps however not as much. At the beginning when she was gagging I panicking but then remembered its just a reflex and just kept an eye out. I think when approaching weaning, no matter what route you are taking, its important to know the difference in gagging and choking and know what to do in that instance. There is a fantastic article over on the HiPP blog which has advice from St Johns Ambulance to help along the way.

Isla is now 10 months old and has becoming more or less a pro eater, eating everything she is offered and taking a preference for anything she needs to chew or munch on. I feel we have had a simple and easy journey with Isla compared with Jack, or maybe its because I ‘knew’ what to expect kind of.

One thing I’m really impressed with is the wide range of foods in which Isla will eat, before embarking on journey with HiPP Organic Wean Team, I was not aware of the large product range. They have over 40 different stage two products in different sized jars and pouches, this means your baby is sure to get a varied diet and be kept interested. If you want more information on when to introduce each ‘lumpy’ stage, HiPP have created a fantastic PDF in which you can view.

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