Isla | Ten Months Old.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016
Ten months sounds so big and like she has been here for an awfully long time, when in reality its flown by. I'm pretty sure I only gave birth to her last month?

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I seem to have missed doing a nine month update for Isla, but in actual fact, there isn't too much difference anyway. 

Since the last update, Isla has progressed from crawling to taking her first aided steps. She takes beautiful steps with her walker, and also when someone holds her hands and helps her along the way. When standing she can stand for a good minute or so unaided and doesn't fall but grabs onto something again, I'm not sure if she is unbalanced or not. She is also cruising along furniture quickly now as well as being a super quick crawling or clawing as Jack has named it. In regards to movement, this past week she has also learnt how to climb the stairs, managing the bottom few before being caught out, time to fit the other stair gate.

Her vocabulary is coming along, still not really saying much and babbling more than anything but she has added 'Mama' into her mix of sounds which is always refreshing to hear. She still only has the same six teeth she cut within month seven, but I'm pretty sure we will have more soon as we have those pesky red cheeks back. 

This month saw me return to work and I was really worried about how Isla would settle, she has never been apart from me and gets so upset when I go for a shower or just to use the toilet. However, she seems to have settled really well with her Nanny and Daddy on the days I'm at work and makes up for it when I'm home becoming a milk monster.

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