Importance of a Healthy Diet when your baby starts to move

Friday, 24 June 2016
Ever since Isla learnt to crawl, there has literally been no stopping her, shes like lightening speed with her crawling and shes begun taking her first steps, both aided and unaided. Of course now she is moving more she has a bit more of an appetite, however still not as big as I remember her brother's being. So with this in mind it's important she has enough energy and a healthy diet to keep her moving. 

Of course, HiPP know this and this month they sent us a lovely food and drink bundle as well as a beautiful Giraffe walker which both kids have taking a liking too. 

HiPP have many beliefs in which they still follow from the day they began which relate to this stage of our weaning journey, and the journey we have completed so far. For over 60 years HiPP have been instinctively organic and they believe in organic for a better legacy, leaving the soil full of nutrients for future generations. This in return creates the finest ingredients in which make HiPP baby food, creating the best possible quality food for babies giving them lots of energy and a healthy balance to help them move and develop.

Keeping the children healthy, whilst allowing them a few treats is the most important to me. Ensuring they have a healthy balanced diet and that they aren't picky eaters is something I try to make sure of. Luckily I'm blessed with children who will eat almost anything you give to them. On the HiPP website there is a really useful guide about nutrition, giving useful pointers to keep your little one healthy. One thing its important to remember, and its mentioned within the guide is that babies stomachs are a lot smaller than ours, so there portions of course need to be smaller but they may required more regular snacks throughout the day. Both Isla and Jack have a morning and afternoon snack, something healthy to keep them going until the next meal time. 

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