One week on #WeightLossWednesday

Wednesday, 14 September 2016
So last week, I made the first tough step into my weight loss journey. Starting upon my journey and singing up to weight watchers, which you can read here.
So, I signed up on the Sunday evening, and started first thing Monday morning, however I planned to have my weigh in day as the Friday. It's the easiest for me in the hopes of everything from the weekend I can recover haha. 

Therefore, my first weeks weigh in is only a weigh in following four days on my new healthy lifestyle. 
First week saw me loose 2lbs, now I always think about others a loss is a loss but I couldn't help feeling dissapointed with myself. 

After a short while I decided to look at it as, 2lb is still a step in the right direction, and I was only 4 days in. I'm hoping slowly loosing the weight my skin will reduce slowly rather than being left with too much excess. 
The first day I didn't eat all of my allocated points and left just over half of my entitlement, I've since read that you should use majority of these. The following night I ate almost all of them, for no reason but to eat them and I think this is possibly when it started going wrong. 

Either way, a loss is a loss - onwards and upwards. 

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