Thomas and Friends Minis Motorised Raceway | A Review

Thursday, 8 September 2016
Jack is a HUGE train fan, especially Thomas the Tank, anything Thomas and it is sure to be a hit with him. 

Recently we were asked if we would like to review the Thomas & Friends Mini Motorised Raceway from Fisher Price and I knew it would be a massive hit, so I agreed. 

Thomas and Friends Minis Motorised Raceway | A Review

When it arrived, Jack couldn't wait to get started and asked if I could build this new toy train set straight away. So who was I to disagree, I knew I would get some instant peace haha. The building of the set wasn't at all that difficult and the instructions are fairly clear. Upon building I did place two of the pieces in the wrong place as they look similar within the instructions but soon realised and it was easy enough to change. The set includes two Thomas Minis, Thomas and James and we were sent another pack of three to add to the collection. 

Thomas and Friends Minis Motorised Raceway | A Review

The Thomas and Friends Mini Motorised Raceway has three different track choices, featuring a vertical drop, 360 degree loop track and a gratify-defying curve track. 
The trains begin their journey within the tunnel before climbing up the vertical motorised lift to the top of the track, where the decision is made on which path to take. You move the lever by hand which is simple for little ones to choose the track. 
The first track is the 'waterslide' which sees the trains go down the water track into a 360 degree loop and back around. I was optimistic and wasn't sure the train would go around, but of course it did. This was Jacks favourite track choice. The next track is the blue line, which sees the trains just loop through the other two tracks, simply having the trains balance on. Finally was the grafity-devying curve track. This one saw the trains swoop upside down before turning back the correct way at the bottom. Again this was a favourite of Jacks as he tried to work out how they managed to defy gravitational odds.  

Thomas and Friends Minis Motorised Raceway | A Review

An additional feature is Cranky the Crane again providing loads of entertainment to kids. Cranky offers help to any trains who fall of the track, Jacks loved hanging trains onto Cranky and swinging them around. 

Thomas and Friends Minis Motorised Raceway | A Review

Overall, this set has been a massive hit with Jack, he has spent hours playing with it and Isla got in on the action too. He's played with this everyday since it arrived and I can't see him giving it up just yet either. I love the fact you can purchase additional Minis to go with the set too. The only thing we found was when too many engines are on the lift it can struggle with the weight. 

The Fisher Price Thomas and Friends Minis Motorised Raceway is priced at £35,99 at Argos and would be an ideal gift for any train fan. The set requires 3 AA batteries which aren't included. They last fairly well too which is a bonus. 

Along with the Motorised Raceway, we also received The Great Race DVD which is the latest movie in the Thomas collection. Jack has watched this loads, and I'm sure he knows each scene now. 

The movie is set at 'The Great Railway Show' which sees the best engines from around the world come together to compete. Gordon of course beats Thomas to represent Sodor leaving Thomas dissapointed, however when Gordon gets into trouble Thomas comes along to save the day. 
Jack really enjoyed getting to know some additional Thomas characters with this movie, which was nice and not hearing the same names over too was great for parents. 

The DVD is priced at £5.99 and would make a great stocking filler or small gift for a Thomas fan. 

Please Note: We received the above products in exchange for an honest and open review. All words and opinions are my own.

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