A #WeightLossWednesday Update

Wednesday, 2 November 2016
This year is just zooming past, or at least thats how it feels, we are almost at the 'C Word' for all the festivities to begin. I'm really hoping to be a smaller weight person by then but not going to kick myself over it as that only sends me the other way. 

The past couple of weeks I've struggled, and the past two I've put on weight. So this week I was relieved to have actually lost some, only a small amount but still it was a minus on the scales. I weighed in with a -0.8lbs loss. 

I'm still having some problems with my scales, and I'm beginning to think if I did loose all the weight before hand or not, so now the scales are placed on the same tile in the bathroom in order to weigh in. 

I'm really trying my best currently to kick this weight gain and get back on track in order to get a good loss, but not pushing too much to fall off the wagon again.

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