Monday, 28 November 2016
My children are in a very lucky situation in which they have three Great-Grandparents still with us, they are aging gracefully with my one Nanna turning 80 this week. I hope that I will get to have plenty of time around, and get to age gracefully who knows. I think growing old is something we all hope to do. With the growing ageing population, I think its quite possible many of us will. By 2050, those who are aged 65+ will make up around 15.6% of the global population.

This is possible from the advances in healthcare and general standards of living improving over time. How many times do you hear the elderly say ‘Back in my day…?’ Yes, a lot!

With the times changing I think it’s important for us to change too, break the stigma which sees us think the elderly are ‘incapable’ or ‘unable’ and encourage others to take action of learn new things. One of Jacks grandparents recently retired and if I didn’t know of this or his age I wouldn’t think of him as ‘elderly’. He’s still very active around the home and garden but also getting out and exploring.

My Nan for example, although she doesn’t get out much these days, she doesn’t let her health effect her too much, or at least she keeps it hidden well. Going to a local bingo once a week and often going on days and evenings out with her friends there. She recently learnt to use a computer which was so lovely to see. I remember when I was younger and my grandparents health deteriorated a little they swapped their bath for a shower for easy access, I’ve heard my Nanna say on several occasions since she wishes she still had a bath. Why should she not be able too just because of a slight mobility issue? These walk in baths would have been a fantastic option for her.

Bathing Solutions are currently running an interesting campaign, which really brings your thoughts of the elderly home. The campaign is called #BreakingBarriers which is aiming to break the stigma and encourage us to help the older generation feel inspired and learn new skills such as Yoga, photography, languages, cooking or even computer skills.

I was once a carer for the elderly and to think of those being cast aside, or ignored makes me so sad; especially those who have done so much for the world in which we live in.

Post in collaboration with Bathing Solutions

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