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Friday, 18 November 2016
The later part of this year I've tried to focus on loosing weight, not for the festive season but for my general health and wellbeing. But I am no where near my target weight as I'm sure many others won't be. When you need to purchase a gift for someone who is loosing weight it can be hard to know what to get. You don't want to get them lots of boxes of chocolate because well chocolate isn't the best for dieting, and alcohol well that is basically the same.

So I've come up with a little guide on some items you could consider getting that friend or family member to help keep them motivated and on track during the festivities.

Having the perfect products to help you exercise is key. I think until you attempt some exercise with 'proper gear' you don't realise the benefits and the pain you have previously helped cause yourself. 

For those who enjoy walking or running, the perfect pair of socks is key. Bridgedale do a wide range of socks suitable for these sports which help support your feet.
Bridgedale’s bestselling mid-weight sock, the ‘Trekker’ features Bridgedale’s unique WoolFusion® Technology, which brings together Enduro Wool and technical fibres to provide balanced insulation, fast wicking moisture control and durability. Trekker is now sold in more than 40 countries around the globe and has taken thousands of outdoor enthusiasts on hillwalking journeys over the years. The unique construction of the mid-weight Trekker ensures mile after mile comfort all year round.
Bridgedale Speed Diva. Built for speed, these super lightweight and highly breathable socks are mapped with T2 technology, a knitted loop within a loop which offers an additional level of impact protection and cushioning on pressure points such as the ball of the foot, lace up area and Achilles to ensure comfort and cool feet all day long. Ideal for marathons, road running and gym.

You could also purchase something like this set called 'Perfect Gifts fir Gym Bunny's', It consists of a range of health and fitness related gifts, and comes in both a male and female version. Perfect for those pledging to do more within the new year.

One of the most important things when exercising and trying to loose weight is sleep. Getting a good nights sleep is something many of us don't get, and don't even think is important when trying to fit in another session at the gym, or another run around the park
This Christmas, give the gift of sleep (and wellbeing) to your loved ones with the S+ by ResMed. Help them wake up more refreshed in 2017. The S+ is the world’s first non-contact, fully comprehensive sleep tracking system, which features patent-protected SleepSensor technology. The S+ makes it possible to track, analyse and improve sleep at home without a wristband, electrodes or mattress strips. Research has shown that below-average sleepers slept an extra 45 minutes each night after just one week’s use of the S+.
I am looking forward to trying this out, seeing if it can help ease me to sleep. I get so tired when trying to exercise that I think this would be perfect.

Sometimes will all the Christmas sweet treats that are around, you may still want to induldge, so to do this you could always treat them to Atkins Fudge Bar, the perfect stocking filler.
Atkins has the perfect chocolate treat to satisfy the sweetest of cravings while keeping you on track. Its Fudge Caramel bar (RRP £2.19) is low carb, low sugar and is ideal for your handbag, on the go or even your desk drawer for when the chocolate tin gets passed around at the office party. Containing just 2.3g of sugar and 2.9g net carbs, the bar has 55% less carbohydrates than regular fudge caramel bars and is high in protein and fibre.

After doing some exercise, its nice to then just relax, relieve the stresses and not put too much further pressure onto your body. So some nice lotions and potions would be perfect for those post-workout relaxing baths.

Malki's Dead Sea scrub with frankincense oil banishes dull dry skin, leaving you silky and soft. For thousands of years the Dead Sea salts have been used in beauty treatments and cures for problem skin. The highly concentrated minerals work wonders on stressed skin. 

When loosing weight you can be left with some stressed skin, and this would work wonders on helping that. 

Olverum is a unique and highly concentrated, therapeutic bath oil which contains 10 pure essential oils, carefully blended to work synergistically. Accordingly, an Olverum bath is a very effective way to naturally relieve stress and help you achieve a great nights' sleep. It is also a great way to ease aching or sore muscles (such a treat after a workout!) and is the perfect soothing antidote to a cold or flu. All with a gorgeously aromatic, unisex scent.

Now these are probably something you wouldn't get for the person actually loosing weight. But if anything like mine, your children may love to workout with you, Jack really loves any excuse to join in with a bit of exercise. 

As I've previously mentioned I love my fitbit, its encouraged me to get moving more and look back on my day and see how I could improve. So you could buy your child a LeapBand, priced at just £29.99 its the perfect way for kids to be like their parents. 
LeapBand is the perfect gift for inspiring kids to get active.
LeapBand is the first wearable activity tracker for kids. LeapBand gets kids moving and having fun with 50 different activities and challenges, tracking a child’s physical movements so the more active a child is, the more points they earn for their customisable virtual pet.
 LeapBand also doubles up as a digital and analogue watch, as well as featuring a built-in accelerometer, high-res screen, water resistant design and a rechargeable battery. Parents can even set LeapBand to a quiet mode for school and night time.

Then of course you could invest in something bigger, like a trampoline. There are many different types of trampolines available and some larger ones have a higher weight limit meaning parents can join in on the fun too. They are the perfect way to burn off some energy, let of some steam and get fit all at the same time. I loved the trampoline when I was younger and I'm seriously considering getting another larger one for me to enjoy along with the children too. Big Game Hunters have a wonderful selection of outdoor toys in which children and adults could enjoy together and have an excellent selection of trampolines. 

What gifts would you include for someone trying to loose weight?

Please Note: I received some of these products in exchange for inclusion within this post. Some are added as I feel they would be good.

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