Our Weaning Journey with HiPP October Update

Tuesday, 1 November 2016
For the past 10 months, we have been on an exciting weaning journey with HiPP Organic, and what an incredible one it has been. This has seen us go through the start of weaning to where we are now, munching our way through anything which gets in the way. 
Our Weaning Journey with HiPP October Update

Before even beginning our weaning journey, I wanted to ensure Isla was ready and not rush into anything. It was an exciting journey I wanted to be sure we were ready for. Of course, Isla was showing lots of signs and thats why we began, but you can check if your child is ready here. In our early weaning days, we found this chart from HiPP Organic really useful, which gives you tips for the first four weeks.
Our Weaning Journey with HiPP October Update

As we progressed through different stages of weaning, all of which we have shared throughout our journey we really enjoyed trying the different products from HiPP Organic. They have the biggest assortment in baby food, with over 140 products covering every stage of your baby's development. 

Our Weaning Journey with HiPP October Update

This month we have been sent more lovely products from the HiPP Organic range which have always been a big hit with Isla. The wholesome foods, and naturally organic flavours which come through are a big hit. This month we were sent some more tray meals, which Isla is getting a fan of and almost completes the entire tray now. The pasta shapes are a firm favourite and always seem to get a seal of approval.

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