Remember, Remember the 5th of Novemeber

Thursday, 3 November 2016
Having children can mean bonfire night and fireworks in general can go one of two ways, more than likely being they are scared of the bangs. However, you can make your firework celebrations go off with a band, just a slightly quieter one with the help of Peltor Kids Ear Muffs from 3M. 

Whilst the children tend to lovely the pretty colours and displays made from the fireworks, the loud noises can get a little too much for them to handle. I remember the first time we took Jack to a display he was terrified of the noises and we've avoided them ever since watching from the windows of the house in hope someone local has some. However, this year, we can enjoy again thanks to 3M. 

The Peltor Kids Ear Muffs come in neon green and pink, so can been seen but have been specifically designed for children to protect against moderate levels of noise in everyday situations. 

We were recently sent a little essential firework kit from 3M, which included some essentials to enjoy the fireworks with children. Of course there were some ear muffs, which amazingly the children love! a hat, scarf and glove set as the weather gets cooler. Some sweeties and a cake, to enjoy either afterwards or whilst watching a display, a glow wand as all children are attracted to those sparkly lights on sale at all displays and a hot chocolate melt for when your home to warm up.

I consider all of these to be components of a perfect bonfire treat. We went to an early bonife display, both children took along their Peltor Ear Muffs and it made the display a lot more enjoyable. They weren't scared by the loud bangs, like many of the children attending were and were kept warm throughout. 

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