#WeightLossWednesday - 9 weeks on

Wednesday, 9 November 2016
So 9 weeks ago I decided to jump aboard this weight loss plan, and in all honesty it's not gone as well as I dreamed it would, but I'm still here and thats a start!. I always struggle with 'diets' so to still be here this far on is an achievement in itself all be it not as well as I should be.

So this week, I weighed in a day earlier as we were actually going out for the day and cake was involved, so I weighed on Thursday rather than Friday. I was happy to come in with a loss, being 1.6lbs down. I'm still not as low as I was before that gain 4 weeks ago, but I'm lower than when I started 9 weeks ago which is a bonus!

I'm still really not on the tracking game, and with it being colder, I'm finding it increasingly difficult. I really need to plan out some meals and stick with them, planning the points around them too. I also need to try and remember to drink more, this is really letting me down again so I need to get my head back into that. As for the exercise, who wants to go outdoors when its cold right? The colder weather seems to have taken a lot of my motivation but I'm determined to start the new year lighter and hopefully down into the next stone bracket, taking into account festivities.

Whos with me?

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