Wednesday, 23 November 2016
So last week I spoke about how I was loosing it with this weight loss game, and well this week I've finally come to terms with the fact I've given up.
Each day I'm winging it hoping for a positive outcome come weigh in day and well who knows.

Deep down I really want to loose some weight, I'm really not comfortable how I am, however I don't seem to have the motivation to keep at it. I'm a lazy person and if the food isn't there I just pick at the unhealthy things.
At the beginning of my journey everything was going quite well but recently I'm not sure what has happened. This month is seeing lots of changes within my personal circumstances, and I hope at some point I'll be able to get back within the mind set of loosing, but for now, each weigh in is as it comes.

Last week I decided to mix things up a little, and instead of weighing as usual on the Friday morning I weighed two days earlier on the Wednesday morning.
This saw a small loss which is better than I've had but not holding out for next week. I lost 1.2lbs, so not too bad within just under a week, in fact I was really happy with that as I've not been completely honest with the weight loss of recent.

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