A different kind of Advent #NumNomsAdvent

Friday, 9 December 2016
It's that time of year again, counting down to Christmas with one of the wide ranges of advents available, generally stuffed with chocolate to then face even more chocolate. Last year Isla didn't have one as she wasn't quite weaning, although this year she does. This year Isla has a chocolate one, and Jack has two, one chocolate and the other a Playmobil one. However we were also contacted by Num Noms to see if we would like to take part in there #NumNomsAdvent. The later part of this year we have worked with Num Noms and it was something Jack enjoyed, and Isla has since took a liking to the characters so I knew it would be good for them both.

When it arrived it was not what I was expecting, I expected like a normal advent calendar with toys inside (kind of like Jack's playmobil one). However I was wrong, we received a lovely large box filled with a different shaped parcel for each day. Each was wrapped in a different colour tissue paper, or an envelope ready to open on each individual day.

It's been a lovely way to countdown to Christmas, the children take it in turns each day to open a gift for which they pick themselves. Different to having to look for a number. This is certainly a one of a kind advent.

We've been opening these for almost a week and a half now and we have had such variety. We've had some of the Num Noms packs, some sweeties along with some colouring sheets too. 

You can follow along on social media for our openings of daily parcels too. 

Please Note: We received the box for advent in exchange for this post and social posts. 

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