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Friday, 2 December 2016
Christmas is one o those magical times of year, one I've always enjoyed, and seem to even more now I have the children. But, I also love it with the dogs too, I love to include them within the festivities and dress them up much to everyone's disagreement but always ensure they have a gift of their own, now matter how big or small.

Recently we have been in contact with The Pet Hut and have been sent a lovely bundle of Christmas things. I've only recently discovered The Pet Hut since moving house, however they have been open for a couple of years and have over 100 stores around the UK.

Within the bundle, I managed to have something for each of the dogs, from Christmas chews, to toys and even a jumper. What I really like about The Pet Hut, and draws me back each time is the competitive prices on all the products. As it's part of the Poundstretcher family, your able to pick up a bargain or two, or seven! I thought that buying from there, as its cheaper I would be substituting quality but I was wrong, so very wrong. The quality is amazing and equal to that of something slightly more expensive too.

1. Parka Coat - £6.99
2. Christmas Jumper - £3.99
3. Xmas Pet Headbands - 99p
4. Samuel Snowman - £4.99
5. Pigs In Blankets - £2.99
6. Christmas Cracker Dog Chew

The Pet Hut do a wide range of clothing options, not only for Christmas but all year round. I spotted this beautiful Parka Coat and knew one of the pups would look beautiful in it. I decided to get this one in a small, and it fitted Daisy perfectly. It's a beautiful grey hooded parka, which velcro fastens around the neck and under chest feeling nice and secure. Around the neckline there is a small hole in which you can get

They also keep a lovely range of jumpers in stock too, and the Christmas ones they currently have are beautiful. We had this little festive one to fit Dottie, and its lovely on. Its the perfect item to keep her warm but have her looking festive too.

It wouldn't be Christmas for your pet without dressing them as a reindeer or something equally festive, and at 99p these reindeer ears are a bargain! Plus how cute does Dottie look?

They are like a headband to place on, but have elastic around the bottom which then has a toggle on meaning you can adjust to fit your pooch. I did find these would slide down from Daisy but Abbie and Dottie had a perfect fit from them. They looked lovely on too, not looking cheap and tacky but looking rather classy.

The Pet Hut have a wide range of toys for your pet to play with, both soft, chewy ones and rope toys just to name a few. We had a couple of soft squeaky toys from the Christmas collection for ours to play with which have certainly gone down a treat, even with the mini HooMans too. We had a Pigs In Blanket which Daisy has taken to be a favourite, and a Samuel Snowman which Dottie has took a liking too. 

Finally, it would be Christmas without a cracker! The Pet Hut are doing these Cracker Chews which have gone down well. They have these amongst other chews which are reasonably priced, but with these, they can join in the cracker pulling festivities too. 

Everything in which we received from The Pet Hut has been of amazing quality and lasted really well so far. The prices are also cheap and reasonable too which makes it all more worthwhile. We worked out we were able to get more for our money visiting whilst not loosing anything in form of quality of the items. 

Please Note: We received these items in exchange for an honest review, all words and opinions are my own.

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